Exercising Whilst Pregnant

A key question I get asked from a lot of ladies is ‘can I exercise whilst pregnant’ my answer ‘yes of course you can’ however the first thing I say to them is please speak to your doctor before you start even if you exercised all your life it is important that your doctor give you the go ahead!
Whilst I was living in Baku and working as a international personal trainer my main clientele were new mummies they did not realise that you could workout during pregnancy, it is a common worry for ladies these days for they just do not know if they can or not!
The key to staying fit during pregnancy is to not gain more weight than is necessary. Most of the weight you gain during pregnancy is totally accounted for when you have the baby, most of the weight will go along with the child.
There is the weight of the fetus and the placenta, not to mention the fact that your blood volume will go up 4 percent during pregnancy. Your body will also retain several pounds of excess fluids. When you give birth, most of that will be lost. As for exercise, most women can and should maintain the same level of activity they did before becoming pregnant. Below I have stated a few things to be careful of whilst exercising when pregnant:

Avoid exercising to exhaustion. Your normal session of 45 to 60 minutes can probably be
continued, but instead of working out at 85 percent of your
maximum heart rate (MHR), keep your intensity at or below 70 percent of your
Don’t let yourself get overheated. The fetus can’t cool itself through sweating the way you can, so you have to maintain normal body temperature. Proper hydration is necessary to do this. Try drinking 6 ounces of cold water every 15 to 20 minutes during exercise, and drink before you feel thirsty.
Avoid heavy weight lifting and any activities that require straining.
Use lighter weights and more repetitions.
Avoid high-impact exercise like jumping, running, kickboxing, and
so on. Try biking, walking, swimming, or using the elliptical machine.
Don’t do exercises that compress your body or spine. In other words, no overhead presses or weighted leg exercises such as the leg press. Leg extensions, standing hamstring curls, squats and lunges using your own body weight, and leg lifts while lying on your side are all fine.

It is important to take into account days or weeks that you just don’t have the energy or feel well enough to exercise that is ok so in that case REST NO EXERCISE, the important thing is to keep you and the baby healthy!

Laura Crichton a new client of mine had her second child a few months ago she never exercised whist being pregnant even though she has always been active lady, she had felt that she had lost her fitness level and finding it difficult to beat the pregnancy stomach. Laura explained with having a toddler it was hard to find the time to exercise and wasn’t sure what exercises were safe to do whilst pregnant. Now with having two little ones she has taken me onboard to help her gain her fitness levels back and to suit her motherhood busy schedule I come to her home and train her. Laura is now writing her on Blogs about life being a mum living in Edinburgh, you can read Laura’s fitness experience by following her blog page http://edinburghwithkids.com/category/fitness/.