Last Minute Running Event Tips

With running being one of my favourite/key activities to do to help me with my health, fitness and mental health, over the last 11 years I have run in several running event throughout the world. I want to share with you my last minute running tips to prepare you for that run you have been training for.

1 – Don’t try anything new on the day: Stick to what you have been doing throughout your training. Eat the same breakfast you eat everyday, run in the same stocks you have always worn on your training runs, wear the same trainers you have worn on your long runs and stick to the same energy supplements you have been having during your training runs, don’t try any new brands.

2 – Check weather: Dress for the appropriate weather. If it is wet, cold or warm consider wearing layers so that you can take off to suit the weather conditions and your body temperature. The main aim is to keep your core temperature down as you don’t want to be getting heat stroke. You may need to consider your running pace if the weather is hotter than you are use to running in then it is sensible to run at a slower pace , listen to your body!

3 – Wear your name on your vest – Help the crowd motivate you and encourage you to keep going by calling out your name. I will never forget the moment when running the London Marathon and I was at 18 mile mark just about hitting the wall, my calf had crap and my toe nail was so sore I heard this man calling my name “Come on Susan keep going you can do it you are hitting under 3hr 30min” this totally boosted me and got me through the wall and made me to keep running and not stop and walk when I was in pain. 

4- Trim those toe nails: It is bad enough getting blisters on your feet without adding a toe nail digging into your toe skin. So give your toe nails a trim and file the night before.

5 – Lube up:  If your prone to the odd bit of chafage then vaseline up, apply to you sensitive areas. If you want to follow my steps then just apply it everywhere on your body!

6- Tape your nipples: This is one for the men, women don’t get effected by this as much due to your sports bra protects your nipples. Men nipple rub can be extremely painful so I would advice you to buy nipple plasters or even first aid plaster do a good enough job.

7- Don’t drink too much before the race: A big error I find a lot of people do is drink leading up to the start of the race, the last thing you want during your run is having to stop to go to the toilet. It is important to keep yourself hydrated for your run but try and stop drinking half an hour before the run starts, if need be just take small sips if water. I find that if I drink enough water 2 day before my run I don’t need to drink too much on the day of the run.

8 – Keep warm: Once you’ve dropped off your race bag you may have a while to stand around would be up to an hour or longer before the race kicks off. It is important that you keep your body warm, dig out old t-shirts and jumpers even a old water proof jacket that you can leave that the starting line and not bothered on getting it back. If it is raining and don’t have a old water proof use a black bin bag and cut holes for your head and arms it does the job perfectly.

10- Last of all – SMILE & ENJOY: You signed up to do this running event months ago and been training for at least 4/6 months. The hard work is all done which is the training, it is now time to go out and run that event. You know you can do it that is what the training is all about go out enjoy and smile for the duration, it is amazing by doing this how it will help you body and mind get through the run mentally and physically and knowing that there is an end to get to (finish line). There is nothing better than experiencing the feeling you will get when you get to that finish line, it is amazing and promise you you will never forget that feeling. The feeling has never left me after all 9 running events I have ran in.