Obese Britons would rather be fat than change their ways!

Last week was Obesity Awareness Week by releasing research conducted into obesity and the lifestyle choices of people across the UK. The research revealed that a third of people had seen a rise in obesity in the area in which they live, leading to concerns about poor understanding about healthy living and an acceptance of obesity as the norm in society.  Nearly half of those who are obese in the UK said they are resigned to staying this way due to a lack of willpower, while one in five said that they would rather be overweight than watch what they eat.


The Telegraph stated: A fifth of obese people in Britain have never tried losing weight and would rather be fat than curb unhealthy diet, according to a survey. Experts said the attitudes would cause a looming health tragedy, with future generations condemned to diseases linked to their weight by poor eating habits and lack of exercise. 



The results of an eight year study carried out by scientists from Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Southern Denmark have shown that doing three and a half hours of exercise a week reduces the change of developing type two diabetes by up to forty per cent. The study also indicated that muscle-strengthening exercises, such as weight lifting and yoga, can also help prevent the condition.